Three Theories

by Squares

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released March 23, 2013

Squares is:
Luke Friedrich - Guitar & vocals
Adam Rucinski - Percussion
Brian VanHout - Bass Guitar
TIm Anderson - Accordian & keys

additional vocals and fiddle on tracks 3,4,6,7&9 by Haley Fleming
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ali Jafaar @ Ecstattic Studio\
copyright 2013 western medicine records (ASCAP)

all songs written & arranged by Squares
copyright 2013 western medicine records



all rights reserved


Squares Minneapolis, Minnesota

Luke - Adam - Brian - Tim

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Track Name: VasoVagol II
chords fill the chorus, verbs flush out the verses
losing my cool as i'm building up nervous
habits collecting at the tip of my tongue
won't let them win though i'm losing for fun
take all that there is when there's nothing else left
they're perfectly pleased picking bones for the flesh
the soft subtle sounds of the sad sorry ladies
their bonnets are blue, bellies bloated with babies

what was lost? The sound of hearts breaking bone
at what cost, will we pay?

Abandoned, forgotten by those fast fleeting lovers
slippery fellows, slithered on to another
carcass to be cleaned and sore licks to be lifted
there's blood on the carpet, a split in her lip
she never was all that she thought that she wanted
hospital hallways so hollow and haunted
with dreams that were left in that big white container
the priests line the sidewalk all shouting to shame her
Track Name: The Waltz
heavy lids for good, closed for the last time
what was really true and what was just a lie
gently lowered down, seemingly to rest
was this just a game, or was it all a test?

What was the purpose of this young boy?
But to sport intermissions of poetic noise

the roots of trees wrap remains tight like lovers arms
the dead not know of disdain though they're safe from lovers harm
the earth reclaims the body, the sky it's fair share of souls
demise is etched in granite, the pieces resemble the whole

the answer to their questions like you eternally rest
live now only through memory the truth remains anyone's guess
Track Name: Oh, Arline
you were the most beautiful one even at your worst
you are the bread for my hunger the water for my thirst
your voice inspired men to greatness singing songs from the sky
angels writhing raw with envy they swooped you up from earth
I will exhaust my every effort to break these earthly chains
i'll fight my way into the heavens to free you from their reins
swim through rivers of torment climb the cliffs to your eyes
my fury rivals fallen angels that beast with many names

oh arline
they took you away you were enslaved for your melody
divine design was betrayed sworn them all as my enemies
when they took you away fate allowed an unheard of twist
revenge will not be delayed there will be blood in the clouds for this

face to face with their army my bloody sword and
a thousand years through nine circles just to set her free
bolts of lightening then erupted wide open heaven split
behold my lost love arline this song she sang to me

oh my love, oh my dear
when they took me away I was recalled from all human kind
they whispered be not afraid you are what so long we tried to find
they took me away to sing with them in divine chorus
with me I wish you could stay but for your treason the flames you'll kiss

they took you away
Track Name: Impulse
deep within you planting seeds is the unconscious guilt
that will grow into three theories of the entrance hall
the drawing room and the watchman

pleasure in lips, sucking thumbs, chastising infers
worthlessness your first gift you can give or rebelliously hold
sadistically you withhold

impulses suppressed explode
you can't suggest, you can't suppress them all

spiraling down, regress back to where shame has come from
and we'll wrap all the guilt and worry uptight
and send it away to say goodnight
Track Name: The Fold
Eat the bread from the sky
and believe you'll receive salvation when you die
drink his blood from your cup
and beg forgiveness down on your knees, he's pleased
re-arrange the facts to match your fickle, fearless fantasy, you'll see
never question truth or the the unkown
if you do you'll fall before the throne

and so they drone on, like pawns
you're wrong
and so they believe they just won't let go
it's all for the best I guess

leap off the edge with me and see if we both die alone
we'll plummet to the bottom hand in hand and catch a glimpse of the unknown
Track Name: Good For You
this passive aggressiveness must end uttered under your breath
i've told you and i'll tell you again
you're playing games without any rules and no one will win
i've done that, won't make that mistake again

I told you you, don't be afraid
I warned you, don't talk that way to strangers in your head

you're broke and you refuse my two cents though i've been there before
i've offered and i'll glue it again
a simple question made me think more than I had thought
i've asked you and i'll ask you again